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Elgendy MM, Aly H, Mohamed MA. The incidence of pericardial effusion requiring intervention in infants with a history of umbilical catheter placement: the US national database. J Perinatol. 2021 Oct;41(10):2513-2518.

Objectives: To assess the association of umbilical catheters (UC) placement with pericardial effusion (PCE) in newborn infants.

Study design: We analyzed the National Inpatient Sample dataset. We compared prevalence of PCE in infants with UC versus those without in three subpopulations: infants with birth weight (BW) > 2500 g or GA > 34 weeks, preterm infants with BW < 1500 g, and term infants with congenital heart disease (CHD) using regression analysis methods while controlling for clinical and demographic variables.

Result: First analysis included a weighted sample of 22,751,313 infants with no hydrops fetalis. Of them, 1869 neonates (0.01%) had PCE. Pericardial effusion was found in 0.17% of infants with only UAC, 0.21% of infants with only UVC and 0.29% of infants with both catheters with an adjusted odds ratios (aOR) (1.5, CI:1.2-1.9), (2.3, CI:1.7-2.9), and (2.9, CI:2.4-3.6), p < 0.001, respectively. Similar findings were found in infants <1500 g and in those with CHD.

Conclusion: Umbilical Catheter placement is associated with increased risk for pericardial effusion.

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