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Proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of urine samples in preterm asphyctic newborn: a metabolomic approach.

Longini M, Giglio S, Perrone S, et al, Clin Chimical Acta 2015

In order to highlight differences in the metabolic profile of healthy (control) compared with asphyxiated newborns, by using untargeted metabolomic approach coupled with (1)H NMR spectroscopy, we evaluated the effects of asphyxia on newborn urine metabolites. Our results showed that lactate, glucose and TMAO, together with threonine plus 3-hydroxyisovalerate are the metabolites more characterizing the asphyxiated group; lower contribute to discrimination is related to other metabolites such as dimethylglycine, dimethylamine, creatine, succinate, formate, urea and aconitate. After 24-48h from resuscitation preterm asphyctic neonates showed their recovery pattern that still can be differentiated by the controls

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